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Brake Pade & Rotor Replacement Service

Your brakes are an essential part of your vehicle; if they are not functioning at an optimal level, it is not safe to drive. Period. So, if your vehicle begins to pulsate when you hit highway speeds or makes loud grinding or squealing noises whenever you hit the brakes, call Trend Auto Trader to schedule a brake pad or rotor replacement right away.

When you bring your vehicle to Trend Auto Trader in Quakertown, PA, one of our experienced technicians will do an inspection to determine where the problem lies. 

In most instances, we can probably tell whether you need your brake pads replaced or a rotor replacement simply by the age of your vehicle. Brake rotors are usually made from steel or iron, meaning they will last for quite a long time before a replacement is needed. Brake pads, however, are constantly rubbing against your rotors. The type of friction material used coupled with the driving habits of the vehicle owner can determine how frequent brake pad replacement is needed. For example, lots of stop-and-go traffic can wreak havoc on your brake pads. 

Choosing the right repair shop for brake pad and rotor replacement

The service technicians at Trend Auto Trader are highly skilled when it comes to both brake pad repair and rotor repair in Quakertown, PA. We also offer some of the most competitive pricing in in town, starting at just $150 with labor included. We stand behind the brake work that we do at and work diligently to ensure your vehicle is returned to you with utmost confidence in its braking system.

Reach out to Trend Auto Trader at 267-680-1777 today to learn more about our brake pad and rotor replacements in Quakertown, PA and to schedule your service.