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Vehicle Inspections & Emissions Testing

By law, many PA drivers are required to have vehicle emissions testing completed annually. The state requires these inspections in an effort to improve air quality and determine whether certain vehicles are producing harmful emissions and polluting the air. At Trend Auto Trader in Quakertown, PA, we provide inspections that include necessary emissions testing for all those who do not own an exempt vehicle. 

Generally, you should have your emissions inspection completed each year before or at the same time as your vehicle safety inspection. 

Simply make an appointment with Trend Auto Trader in Quakertown, PA and we will ensure that your vehicle is properly tested and ready to get back on the road quickly. If your vehicle fails the emissions test, the necessary repairs must be made, and another test must be conducted before your safety inspection expires.  

Vehicles that are exempt from emissions testing in Quakertown & Bucks County, PA:

  • Those with less than 5,000 more miles added since the previous year
  • New models with less than 5,000 miles
  • Motorcycles
  • Registered classic, antique and collectable cars
  • Registered Street rods 

If your vehicle does not qualify for any of these exemptions, trust in the professional service staff at Trend Auto Trader to provide you with cheap, high-quality assistance. If your vehicle does not pass its emissions testing, we can perform the necessary repairs for you right in the shop until it is up to the standards set forth for Bucks County and the state of Pennsylvania. 

For more information on the emissions testing requirements for Quakertown, PA, and to schedule your annual inspection, contact Trend Auto Trader at 267-680-1777 today.